Tuesday, April 22, 2014

16 and pregnant season 5 girl already catching drama?

Last week MTV released a video of 16 and pregnant season 5, which premiers April 29th. In the video we met a 17 year old girl named Maddy Godsey. After watching the video, many people began to support Maddy and hate on her mom for allegedly "Kicking her out", after giving birth to her child.
Now that her episode has aired even more drama has unraveled. According to Maddy's Official fan page she wrote: "I didn't move in with Cody cause he asked his gf & son to move in & he's a druggy.. #haters". Wow, sounds like she is getting a lot of hate because of her BRIGHT decision to move in with her father instead of Cody.
One thing MTV failed to release was that Cody had another child who is 2 months older than Aubrey.. WHAT???? You heard us correct. Hopefully things will get better for Maddy and her family and Cody will turn his act around.
  Do you think Maddy made the right decision by moving to her dads or do you think she should have moved in with Cody and his family??

Myranda Trevino welcomes baby girl!

                                                                       Myranda and Eric

   You may remember Myranda and her husband Eric. They welcomed a baby girl named Kaylee in their 16 and pregnant episode. A few months ago, we announced that Myranda was once again pregnant.


   Ryleigh Paige Kennemer born 11:37 am. She was 7 pounds 2 ounces 19 1/2 in long. Myranda and baby girl are doing wonderful and Kaylee is so excited about being a big sister, according to a source.

Congratulations Myranda, Eric and Kaylee!