Wednesday, January 14, 2015

16 and pregnant season 5 update!

Just a little over a week since the "Where are they now" special aired on MTV, people began to ask for even more updates since the where are they now filming in October and November. Most of the girls answered fan questions on their Facebook fan pages as well as their twitter accounts.
 Since several people still had questions I did some searching myself and was able to talk to some of the girls about an update since filming and you will be surprised on what I have came up with!

Photo credit goes to Autumn Crittendon Official via Facebook!
  Autumn and Dustin struggled with their relationship due to some poor choices that Dustin was making during her 16 and pregnant episode. During the where are they now we seen that Autumn and Dustin still struggled with their relationship but were trying to make it work for Drake. Since filming for the special, Autumn has an interview for a day care job where she will be allowed to bring Drake to work with her on top of doing schooling online in which she hopes to become a nurse. Dustin doesn't come around very much and they are no longer together but try to co parent the best that they can.

Savon Looney
  Savon was an athletic singer in her 16 and pregnant episode. Savon gave birth to a little boy named Eden. The only struggle was that she was no longer in a relationship with Eden's father. Savon wanted to become a singer as well as play basketball in hopes she could earn a sports scholarship for college. During the WATN special, Savon had moved out on her own, held a job at a pizza place and was still following her dreams to become a singer all while being a single mother. Savon met a guy named Miguel who worked right beside her. Although we thought for sure they would be a good couple, Savon has told us that they unfortunately do not talk but remain friends. Savon is also in the process of getting a new full time job. She plans to go test for her GED next week and plans to get her drivers license soon.

 Savon is also preparing for a singing audition next month in which she hopes to succeed with her dream in becoming a singer. Eden's father is not involved in his life at all. Savon plans to move out of state soon and start her own life with Eden.

Photo credit goes to Savannah Mooney Official via Facebook.
  Savannah struggled with her moms sobriety and her relationship with her sons father Stone during her 16 and pregnant episode. Although things settled down a little during the "Where are they now" special, Savannah's mom decided she would get the help she needed an decided to go to a program in which she could get help. Just a few weeks ago, Savannah's mom had graduated from the program in which she was in and is doing wonderful now. Savannah and Stone are not together but they are still working to co- parent. Savannah has a college interview later this week as well as taking her Final test to graduate High school next month!

Photo credit via Facebook
 In Summers episode we seen that her and DJ were having a rough patch in their marriage due to some personal issues. Since filming, Summer and DJ have been doing absolutely wonderful. DJ is home a lot more now and things have settled down a lot.

Summer and DJ both just want to focus on themselves and Peyton and push the past behind them!

Jazmin Young
 Most of you know that Jazmin opted out of filming all together for the "Where are they now". According to a source, Jazmin chose not to film due to some things that took place after her original episode of 16 and pregnant aired. Dell and Jazmin are no longer together and according to a few folks Dell is unable to see Laila. We are also told that Dell got into some trouble after filming and made a few poor choices which pushed Jazmin to her limits.

 Jazmin currently works and takes care of Laila on her own. Jazmin and her mom still have a good relationship and as far as we can see she is very supportive of Jazmin and Laila.

Photo credit goes to Courtney Ames Official via Facebook!
 Courtney decided to do the Skype interview for her Where are they now segment since Dayton was due to have his surgery for his cleft lip when MTV decided to film back in October/November. Dayton had his surgery in November and he is doing wonderful. Scott and Courtney are no longer together but work to co parent with one another for Dayton! We are so excited to EXCLUSIVELY announce that Courtney is currently talking to someone else! Courtney is still attending school and hopes to finish soon.

Arianna Hazel and Aiden!
  Arianna struggled to hold her relationship with her sons father Maurice during her 16 and pregnant episode. Maurice felt that he didn't need to provide for his child an treated it as if Arianna being pregnant was a big game. Since filming they are no longer together and Arianna provides for Aiden on her own. Arianna attends college in hopes to become a psychologist as well as holding a job all while being a single parent. Arianna has no intentions on getting back together with Maurice or trying to MAKE him be in Aidens life. Arianna hopes to finish school and provide the best possible future for Aiden and herself.

Aleah Lebeouf
  In Aleah's Where are they now episode we seen that she struggled with her diabetes. The saddest part was her talking about her diabetes killing her and having to deal with the news that everything she has done to help her diabetes was no longer working and her body was rejecting it. Since filming, Aleah is making a change in schooling. Shawn and Aleah are still happily together and hopefully always will be. Noah will be starting preschool this week so they will have him full-time again. Devin (Shawns brother) had his baby and she is home and healthy. Shawn and Aleah both plan to move forward with a vasectomy in two years, and Aleah is currently looking for a diabetes specialist that accepts her insurance and can guide her through the process of seeing if they can reverse the damage to her kidneys or if not, guide her to where she needs to be. Aleah is a Insulin Resistant Diabetic which means anything she goes through is not the same as a typical diabetic. Her body doesn't absorb the insulin that she injects like it should so her blood sugar is almost impossible to control.

 Regular diabetics have a better chance at getting Kidney transplants such as Aleahs case being different because her body could reject it.  Aleah told us that she has a lot of life left and she plans to spend every minute of it enjoying her kids and spending time with them.

Karley Shipley
Karley decided to do the Skype interview for her Where are they now special. Many people were curious as to why she chose not to film but she ensured fans that she didn't film due to some issues she was dealing with such as her PPD. Karley was the mother of twin girls Amariah and Amayah. Karley and Tony are still married despite rumors that were circulating that they were not.

 Karley is a stay at home mom. Karley does not currently attend school but she hopes to one day become a police officer!

Maddy Godsey
 Maddy was a 16 year old girl from Tinley Park, Illinois. During her 16 and pregnant episode, Maddy struggled to try an keep a relationship with her child's father, whom she got pregnant with after a one night stand. Maddy's mom Jenn, told her that they would not have room for her and the baby both so she needed to find somewhere to go. (Please note that Maddy's mother did not throw Maddy out. She made sure Maddy had a safe place to go). Maddy's only options at that point were to either move in with Cody, whom she barely even knew, or move in with her father. When Maddy finally decided that it would be best to move in with her father, Cody's family became furious at the fact that they built a room specifically for Aubrey to have when she arrived. What camera's did not show was that Cody also had another baby with another girl. At the same time that Maddy was asked to move in with Cody and his family, they also asked for the other girl and her child to move in as well making for a very awkward and uncomfortable situation which is one reason Maddy decided to move in with her father.

 Since the show, Cody has not been involved in Aubrey's life at all. Maddy raises Aubrey on her own and has much support from her family and her friend Brad. Maddy says she does not plan to be in a relationship with anyone anytime soon because her main focus is Aubrey and she doesn't want to take time away from her for some guy. Maddy is due to receive her GED at the end of this month. She plans to attend college in the future.

Jordan Cashmyer
In Jordan's episode of 16 and pregnant, her and Derek became homeless once she found out she was pregnant. Derek ended up losing his job which put the couple into a bind and left them to find a place to stay at a few friends' house. With Genevieve weeks from making her appearance into this world, a few friends put together a little baby shower for Jordan so she could have the basic things needed for baby Evie's arrival. Shortly after filming, Jordan and Derek decided to move to Texas an live with Derek's dad in which he would also have a job while living there. Jordan wasn't really thrilled about leaving Maryland but they really had no other option.

 During Jordan's where are they now episode, we seen that Jordan and Derek ended up moving back to Maryland. The couple have split since their episode due to personal issues. Jordan was seen working at a strip club. Derek goes to college and plays lacrosse. He also lives with a few of his "guy friends" in a apartment complex where he also takes care of Genevieve. Several things have changed and a ton of drama went down since filming for their 16 and pregnant episode that we feel we should not mention but as seen in the Where are they now special, Jordan struggled with PPD and required medication.

 Since filming all together, Jordan no longer works at the strip club. She is currently in the process of finding a job and changing her life around for not only herself but for Genevieve. Jordan plans to attend college soon.

Millina Kacmar
Millina and Trevor are no longer together during her segment of the where are they now episode. Although the two are trying to co parent the best that they can, they are also trying to keep a friendship for the sake of Kayden. Millina currently works two jobs one which surprised a few people. Not only is Millina a Manager at McDonald's but she also works as a go-go dancer at a few different clubs.

 We seen in Millina's 16 and pregnant episode that her mother struggled with addiction and the judge sent her to jail. Since then, her mother was released from jail and is expecting a baby girl. Millina is currently not dating anyone at the moment. Millina has told us that her and Justin are just friends, although they do have feelings for one another. She plans to just focus on Kayden and working for now.

  As of right now, MTV has not officially announced a Teen Mom 4 for the season 5 girls, but according to a source, they should have a decision whether they will go through with it or not by the end of this month. Please keep watching for more updates!


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