Monday, June 23, 2014

SHOCKING: Adam Lind breaks up with Taylor and moves in with his NEW girlfriend!!

Adam Lind has posed quite the Reality star these last few months. Between another DUI and breaking up with his on again off again girlfriend and mother of his second child Taylor. But once again, Adam hasn't let us down.

Adam has been dating another girl named Jessica for well near a month an they have decided to move forward in their relationship by letting Adam move in. Say What??? Yeah you heard me an not only that, but he has even introduced both Aubree and Paislee to his new girlfriend! Oh heck no!

Jessica posted this picture on her Instagram with the caption, "💗 him! Such a good daddy!". If you haven't noticed already, yes those are MTV cameras in the back ground. Does this mean we will meet Jessica in the upcoming Teen Mom 2?
Although Jessica and Adam are kicking it off rather quickly, we are curious as to what Chelsea or Taylor are thinking about his decisions on bringing their children around another woman so fast.
Do you think Adam is making a big mistake?


  1. Adam is a couch bag.Jessica is stupid.and as a mom.I guess she's never seen the show cause he's far from a good dad.he's stupid and shes just his next victim.I would be mad if those were my kids and he kept confusing them.they deserve better.cause hes trying to show her just like the others he's good until u end up pregnant. Believe me I had one of those.he will never change.Jessica you should watch the old shows guys like him don't change

  2. I seriously think these girls/guys hook up with these single teen mom parents just for their own 60sec of Fame. Idiots

  3. Lol wow. Pathetic excuse of a human.. I've never had a problem with Adam but the way he's been acting is real shitty..