Monday, June 30, 2014

Jenelle gives birth!

As Jenelle's due date came and went, many people were curious as to when in fact Jenelle would give birth.

Jenelle tweets, "Rumor has it I had Kai and he's in detox and I can't go home until he is ok? Lmfao wow, the shit u guys make up. If u only knew." Jenelle left many fans scrambling to figure out if she had the baby or if she was in labor.
 A fan asked Jenelle if she was being induced or if that was also a rumor. When Jenelle replied with "Def a rumor lol".
Jenelle informed us that she was at the beach this morning but later revealed they were not at the beach, she was in the hospital having Kaiser. About dag on time she pops that baby out!
Nathan shared this picture on twitter stating, "And you all thought we were at the beach".
Congratulations to Nathan, Jenelle and Jace.  
*We will provide more details soon*

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Who is up for eviction.....Big Brother 16

Donny, Pal Pal Victoria & Brittany are up for eviction.. Who will win the power of Veto..Victoria is upset because Frankie told her from the start he needed her..Lets see who wins the power of Veto...Pal Pal & Donny are fighting for each other.       

                                                                                        The guys make an alliance together.."The Bomb Squad".  Devin decided to wake Caleb up in the middle of the night to let him know he wants to bring on 2 girls to bring Christina & Amber in on the "Bomb Squad".  It went from 6 to 8, over night.  Devin tells the girls everything. The other guys are not happy with his decision.          Devin is concerned over Donny, the girls all think Donny is funny, he decides to talk to Frankie & Zach about Donny. Devin thinks Donny is strong & powerful. Devin is causing the other guys to think that he may need to go.
   How will be evicted. Stay tuned..

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

BB 16 Season Premiere The Crazy 8 let the Games & Drama begin...3 months of BB....

          Here we go for the most twisted Summer ever on Big Brother...      First in the House are Cody, Donny, Amber & Joey...Donny hardly gets out of North Carolina he feels like he his on mars.. Next to enter the house is Devin, Paola, Frankie, & Nicole. Oh Wow, Frankie has a man crush, Him & Paola are both Crushing on Cody..Frankie refers to himself as a pink little pony & Joey as the Blue little pony.  Nicole shares that she pee's her pants when she gets excited..TMI.

 Paola claims that her nickname is PalPal, Cody thinks he may want to get to know PalPal.

Devin thinks Joey is smokin hot just his       type.

While Amber thinks Devin is eye candy..Oh Boy Showmance is about to happen.. but with who..Stay tuned..    

They call a house meeting, starting the Crazy 8 all of them claiming to have each other's back no matter what happens..Devin makes a side alliance with Donny. Amber thinks it's time for a Girl to win this year. Paola starts the rumor that Cody & Frankie are getting close and forming an alliance. Paola wants to start a girl Showmance this year. The girls all 4 decide to form a girl alliance Elcuatro, which is Paola, Amber, Nicole, & Joey.
  Frankie win's the 1st H.O.H

Will the alliances stay in place. So who will turn on who.  Who will have a Showmance.  How will the next new 8 house guest shake up the house.  Who will be the first to get evicted? Stay tuned.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Catelynn & Tyler are they or aren't they....

High School Sweet Hearts


The Birth of Baby Carly
           Catelynn Lowell She was born in Port Huron Michigan. She was raised in  Marine City Mi. In 7th grade she met the love of her life Tyler Baltierra. The two ended up pregnant In 2009 they gave birth to a healthy Baby girl they named Carly. They realized they were too young & not ready to raise their Daughter Carly.  Against all of the families  opinion's the couple made the most grown up hardest decision of their life, a decision that they are still struggling with.  They put their newborn Daughter Carly up for adoption, after weighting all of their options.  The Couple has had many struggles through-out  there  relationship.
They spoke at many engagements about adoption/pro-life and their choice. Although they have an open adoption & see their daughter they still struggle with the fact that they are not raising their daughter, they love her so much. They privately celebrate together just the two of them Carly's birthday.

Carly turns 1
                 They shared a cake & tears when Carly's 1st birthday rolled around.                       

Speaking up for adoption

Making their choice public


Spending time with Baby Carly
Although it isn't easy they make the blended relationship with the Adoptive parents work so they can see Carly.
The Adoptive & Birth Parent's with Carly

Finding the perfect wedding dress
The Couple planned on getting married but after being on MTV Couple's Therapy they decided to put the wedding plans on hold. To work on themselves. They don't want to end up in divorce. Although they are not married they are still together & very much in love...Catelynn & Tyler recently shared some exciting news..Yes you guessed it They are Pregnant and extremely happy with baby #2 and they plan on keeping this baby. They feel they are more than ready to raise a baby.

Expecting Baby #2

Although not everyone is happy about the Couple's expecting new's. Teen Mom Farrah Abraham claims the couple is making poor choices. Which started a fire storm. Catelynn exploded on Farrah. I guess it's a good thing Farrah wasn't invited back to Teen Mom 2 . 

Just taking a walk by the river with this angel #SummerDays #WithTheBabe #TheBest

What does the future hold for this amazing duo. Will they tie the knot before the baby arrives? It is pretty clear no matter what they go thru they are strong & can face the world..stay tuned we could be hearing wedding bells soon....
Not Married but still together & Happy

BB 16 Meet the House Guest

Are You Ready... For the 2 night Season Wednesday June 25th ...Stay Tuned

                      Meet the House Guest of Big Brother 16. They are ready to enter the house, and let the Fun & Drama begin..

            Meet: Caleb Reynolds, he is 26 yrs old. His hometown is Dallas Texas, he lives in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. He is single, and he is an Adventure Hunting Guide for a living.


                                               Meet :Nicole Franzel, she is from Ulby, Michigan. she is Single and a 21 yrs old nursing graduate.

 Meet: Paola Shea, She is 27 yrs old. She is Single, a DJ from Astoria, New York.

Meet: Amber Borzotra, she is 26 yrs old  her hometown: Knoxville, Tennessee she currently lives is North Hollywood, California. She is an Esthetician and she is also single.

  Meet: Brittany Martinez she is 29 yrs old. her hometown is   Long Beach, California she lives in Torrance, California. She is single and works as an Event Coordinator.


Meet: Christine Brecht, She is 23 yrs old,  she is married, works as a Shift Supervisor/Barista. She lives in Tucson, Arizona.
Meet: Cody Calafiore he is 23 yrs old. He is single, Works as a Sales Account Executive, his hometown is Hackensack, New Jersey, he currently lives in Howell, New Jersey.


Meet :Derrick Levasseur he is 30 yrs old. from Providence, Rhode Island. He is married and he works as a Sergeant on the Police force.

Meet :  Devin Shepherd he is 26 yrs old. His hometown is Santa Barbara, California he currently lives in San Antonio, Texas. He is single. He is a former Professional Baseball Player/ Motorcycle Sales Manager.

    Meet : Donny Thompson he is 42 yr old. He is single and works as a School Groundskeeper in Albermarie, North Carolina.

Meet: Frankie Grande he is 31 yrs old his hometown is Bocan Raton, Flordia. He currently lives in New York,New York. He is single and he works as a You Tube Personality.                             

Meet:  Hayden Voss, he is Single 21 yr old. His hometown is Marlborough, Massachusetts. He currently lives in Long Beach, California he works as a Pedicab Driver.                                

Meet: Jocasta Odom She is 33 yrs old. She is a Minster, happily Married. She lives in Lovejoy Georgia, her hometown is Griffin, Georgia.

Meet: Joey Van Pelt she is 27 yrs old. She is a single Makeup Artist/Hairstylist from Seattle Washington.

Who will win...Who will win the fist HOH...Who will form alliance's..Who will break..Stay Tuned..

Bachelorette Andi week 6

Wow... Did you happen to catch last night episode of The Bachelorette.. Andi had 8 guys trying to win her heart. She shook things up when she took  of them on a group date to take Lie detector test...Can you imagine going on a date and being ask to take a lie detector test? What will the results show..who will try to lie.. Andi also took a lie detector test, Guess what she was caught lying, she told 2 lies, but in the end they were only silly lies..maybe she was testing the lie detector test. Andi decided she didn't want to read the results of the guys lie detector test, a decision she will later regret.Will Andi ever find out who her secret admirer is?..Yes is it who you thought it was, Chris revels to Andi he had been sending her letter.  Cody starts pouring out his heart to Andi on their one on one date only to be crushed when he is sent home. Who is next to go home at the rose ceremony, will it be Brian, JJ,Dylan or Josh.. At then end of the evening JJ is sent home as well.. Leaving 6 guys standing heading off  to next week Brian, Nick, Dylan, Josh, Marcus, & Chris.

Monday, June 23, 2014

SHOCKING: Adam Lind breaks up with Taylor and moves in with his NEW girlfriend!!

Adam Lind has posed quite the Reality star these last few months. Between another DUI and breaking up with his on again off again girlfriend and mother of his second child Taylor. But once again, Adam hasn't let us down.

Adam has been dating another girl named Jessica for well near a month an they have decided to move forward in their relationship by letting Adam move in. Say What??? Yeah you heard me an not only that, but he has even introduced both Aubree and Paislee to his new girlfriend! Oh heck no!

Jessica posted this picture on her Instagram with the caption, "💗 him! Such a good daddy!". If you haven't noticed already, yes those are MTV cameras in the back ground. Does this mean we will meet Jessica in the upcoming Teen Mom 2?
Although Jessica and Adam are kicking it off rather quickly, we are curious as to what Chelsea or Taylor are thinking about his decisions on bringing their children around another woman so fast.
Do you think Adam is making a big mistake?