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Where are the 16 and pregnant season 5 girls now?

                                                             16 and pregnant season 5 cast in NYC

Many have asked about the girls for this season. I have made it my job to find you the information you want to hear. According to some, this season is one of the most dramatic seasons yet.

The girls met up in NYC this past weekend with Dr. Drew for the " Life after Labor" Special that will air at the end of this season. Many of our viewers have asked if there will be a Teen Mom 4. According to one source, Before coming to the conclusion for a Teen Mom 4, MTV will have to see which episode had the most views and go from there.

Since filming a lot of things have changed.

Maddy Godsey was the first girl that aired for Season 5. In Maddy's episode, we saw that Maddy needed to leave her mother's home once her daughter was born because her mom didn't have enough room in their home. This left Maddy to make the choice to either move in with her child's father or move to a different state to live with her own father. Cody's parents were seen "Making a room", for Maddy and their new grand-daughter but after Maddy informed Cody she gave their daughter the last name "Godsey" everything hit the fan.

Since Maddy's episode, Maddy moved to Indiana with her dad and Cody has not seen Aubrey. In fact, we're told he has denied Aubrey and demands a DNA test be done. Think that's crazy? Not only did MTV not show that but they also did not show that Cody has another baby with another girl who is a few months older than Aubrey! Cody still does not see Aubrey or checks on her. Single mom props to Maddy!

  Autumn Crittendonis seen in her 16 and pregnant with her "Troublesome" Boyfriend Dustin. Autumn struggled in her episode with her boyfriends drug problem and him not wanting to get a job to help with their son Drake. Autumn's sister Misty, also had a child a few months before Autumn gave birth to Drake. Talk about a house full! After months of nagging Dustin about getting a job an his drug issue, Liz and Autumn pull out a drug test for Dustin to take. Dustin takes the drug test and he passes!
Since filming the show, Autumn and Dustin are still together. Dustin got a job and teaches a little league team. He has really stepped up as a parent for his family. Dustin and Autumn announced they're engaged a few months ago and they both still live with Autumn's mom Liz 
Arianna Hazel was a girl from Georgia, who has a rocky relationship with her child's father Maurice. In Arianna's episode we seen that Arianna became pregnant when only dating her boyfriend Maurice for a little over a month an a half. Arianna struggled with getting Maurice to step up as a father and give for their new baby. In Arianna's episode she lives with her grandmother Debbie in a one bedroom apartment. Arianna was very close to her mom Michelle, but chose not to live with her mom due to her moms new husband. After Aiden was born, Maurice and Arianna get into an argument leaving Arianna no choice but to kick Maurice out of her hospital room. Finally, Maurice gets a job and started to step up as a father.
Since their 16 and pregnant episode, Maurice and Arianna are not together. According to one source, Maurice hardly ever comes around for Aiden or Arianna. Arianna still lives with her grandmother Debbie and she also still has a good relationship with her mom Michelle

Aleah's 16 and pregnant episode focused on her battle with her pregnancy while dealing with Diabetes leaving her to have a rough and risky pregnancy. Aleah not only is pregnant with a little girl but she also cares for Shawn's son Noah. In Aleah's episode you have seen her an Shawn struggle to move out of Shawn's mother's home into their own home, Only thing stopping them is the $2500 tickets that Shawn still needs to pay. Aleah gives Shawn a warning that if he gets another ticket that they are done! Shawn ends up getting pulled over once again an Aleah leaves to go stay with her mother to think about what she wants to do. All and all,  Aleah and Shawn end up making up.
Since filming, Aleah and Shawn have moved into their own home. Aleah goes to school and hopes to finish college soon. Aleah and Shawn co-parent with Noah's mom and Aleah still deals with her diabetes day by day. Shawn and Aleah do not plan on getting married any time soon.

In one of the most heartfelt episodes we have seen, Millina Kacmar is shown in her 16 and pregnant episode living with her grandmother while her mother is battling jail time for her drug addiction. Millina deals with her boyfriends crazy mom who thinks she owns baby Kayden. Trevors mom was seen bashing every move Millina's mother did. Trevors mom also gets aggravated with Millina because she feels as if Millina doesn't want her to be a part of Kayden's life. Little did we know that Trevors mom suffers from seizures an could have one at any time. Fearing for Kayden's safety, Millina decides she would rather not let Trevor's mother keep him alone.
Since filming, Millina and Trevor broke up. Millinas mother is now in rehab an reportedly doing great. Millina continues to live with her grandmother and little brother along with Kayden.

 Jazmin Young struggled with being pregnant and her Religious family all in one in her episode. Jazmin and her boyfriend Dell were shown in their 16 and pregnant episode battling to keep a relationship while abiding by Jazmin's parents rules. After Jazmin gave birth to a baby girl whom they named Leila, Jazmin's mom and step dad only allowed Dell to come over on their time which left Jazmin to care for Leila all day and all night by herself. Dell finally had enough an confronted Jazmin's mother Teesha about wanting to see his daughter more. Teesha did not agree with this which made Dell and Jazmin's relationship a little rocky.
Since filming, Jazmin and Dell are no longer together. Dell visits Leila at times but according to a source, he hasn't made much of an effort. Jazmin still lives with her mother and according to another source, they have made several attempts to let Dell be involved.

  Savon Looney was a girl from Georgia who lived with her Aunt Ladonna in her 16 and pregnant episode. Savon was also pregnant with another mans but dating another guy named Mauwi. According to Savon, Eli, her childs father is not in the picture. Savon struggled in her episode to balance out being a new mom and a girlfriend at the same time.
Since filming, Savon and Mauwi are no longer together and Savon is engaged to another guy.

   In Savannah's episode, Stone wants to name the baby after a car. Savannah's grandma decided to make a comment to stone about the name Talon and it ticks stone off. Stone and Savannah break up during their episode. Savannah finds a picture of another girl on Stones car an confronts stone about it. Savannah meets a boy an he feels as if they wouldnt be able to have a relationship right now which makes Savannah upset. Savannah struggles with her moms alcoholism. Savannah wants support from Stone even though they are not together. Once Savannah gave birth savannah and stone decide on the name Rowan James. Savannah and her mother get into it which forces Savannah to call the cops because her mother is drunk and doesnt feel her little brother is safe there with her. Once the cops arrive savannah confronts the cops about her mother being drunk an leaves with Stone and her little brother Ben. Savannah and Stone have a heart to heart conversation about her mother and their relationship. Savannah talks to her mom about getting help with her alcoholism and how it is effecting her life as well.

   Since filming, Savannah and Stone are still not together. In fact, Savannah has another boyfriend. Savannah and her mothers relationship is still a little bumpy but that is still her mother.
  Summer Rewis is the Southern Bell from Georgia. In her 16 and pregnant we saw Summer struggle with embarrassment from her moms addiction to drugs. Summer tries to talk to her mom about it and her mother says she will change her habits before they welcome their son Peyton into the world. Summer moves in with DJ and his parents just 2 months before giving birth. One promise DJ's mom asked of Summer was for her to finish school. After Peyton was born,  he was sent to a different hospital in because the doctor noticed that he is breathing too fast. It turns out Peyton just had a bacterial infection. Summer informs DJ's mom she is going to put a hold on school for awhile because it was getting to be to much. Although they were not happy about it, they still supported her.
Since filming, Summer and DJ have split for the second time due to personal issues that we would rather not discuss. They didn't mention in the episode that Summer and DJ were married but they got married when Summer was 4 months pregnant. Summer and her mom still have a rocky relationship with one another.

  Colorado girl Courtney Ames, is the abstinent queen! Courtney was born with a genetic cleft lip. Not only does that affect her but she finds out her son has one as well. Courtney also struggles with her boyfriend Scott and their sexual relationship. Courtney moves in with Scott but decides to sleep in a separate room. Courtney chooses not to have sex because of her religion. Courtney feels as if she is doing it all on her own. Scott worked several hours an slept while Courtney was up with him at all hours. Courtney felt that Scott wasn't spending enough time with Dayton.
  Since filming, Courtney and Scott are still together. They do live together and she still remains abstinent. Courtney doesn't plan on having anymore instead she plans to adopt a child in the future.

The most heartbreaking episode in 16 and pregnant history (Or so I think). Jordan Cashmyer was shown in her episode as the homeless girl from Maryland. Jordan and her boyfriend Derek were living with Jordans parents but Derek was kicked out after losing his job. Jordan left with Derek and they were staying with one of Derek's friends. We also saw where Derek and Jordan moved in with Derek's fathers friend Tracy. Once Genevieve was born Tracy told Jordan and Derek that she had to move once her lease was up which left them once again looking for somewhere to live. Jordan and Derek end up moving to Texas with Derek's dad.

Since filming, Jordan and Derek are still together. They moved back up to Maryland from Texas and now live with Derek's grandparents. Derek has a job and Jordan is suppose to start school soon.

    Karley Shipley was shown in her as the good girl/smart girl who met her now husband Tony while tutoring him for school. They start dating for 2 years when she found out she was pregnant with twin girls! At first Tony wasn't real thrilled of having two girls but he soon accepted it of course!  In the episode, we saw Karley struggle as a young mother while Tony spent all his money on other things but the stuff needed for the girls. In one part of the episode, Karley's mother tells her that she is worried if she gets involved that Tony may not like her anymore an she didn't want the tension. The young couple make plans to move out but due to Tonys ever constant "Spending money" issue, the couple find out that Tony doesn't make enough for them to move into their own home. Karley ends up going into labor an having a csection due to one of the babies not turning. Amayah and Amariah were born 3 weeks early and required a few more days in the hospital. Tony informs Karley that he is thinking about buying a truck. Only problem, the truck only seats three people. Tony decided to buy the piece of junk truck anyway even though Karley doesn't agree causing more tension with their relationship.
Since filming, Karley and Tony have moved in to their own home. They now have a car that all of them can fit into. Tony is working and Karley takes care of the girls. They have both worked on prioritizing the money Tony makes for things they need.

Which Season 5 girl was your favorite?

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