Sunday, March 23, 2014

Myranda Trevino pregnant again?


    Everyone remembers Myranda Trevino from season 4 of 16 and pregnant. In her episode, Myranda and her boyfriend Eric were living with his grandma then later moved into a house that needed fixed up so much but turned out to be a nice little home for the 3. Eric and Myranda had a little girl named Kaylee. Once they brought her home, they decided they wanted to go out and was a little leery about leaving Kaylee with Myranda's mother who struggled with addiction. They finally agreed to let her mom watch Kaylee but when her mom never answered her phone they rushed home to make sure everything was ok. Obviously it was!

   Everyone is wondering where she is now. I have your answer! Myranda and Eric are now married. Myrandas mother is sober and Myranda and Eric are expecting a little girl who they will name Ryleigh. Myranda is due on April 26th but the baby could come sooner than that!

  Stay tuned for more updates on other girls from 16 and pregnant!

Myranda at 8 months pregnant

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