Sunday, June 22, 2014

Jenelle Evans

As we all know Jenelle is expecting baby boy number 2. And most fans can't be happier for her.

From her first episode on 16 & Pregnant we have seen Jenelle struggling with motherhood and trying to be a teenager, and we all know how that went.

But since she has been with Nathan Jenelle has turned her life around, she is going to school and focusing on spending time with Jace and also looking forward to being a mom once again.

Even though she has a lot of support of becoming a mom once again she still has people who decide to make comments that will bring anyone down.

We have to remember that since being in the public eye Jenelle along with all the girls on 16 & Pregnant don't get any privacy anymore so having comments about her being pregnant again shouldn't be there.

But all of her supporting fans are waiting and looking forward for Jenelle to have her baby.

Even though when you recap on the shows and see the addiction she has had with heroin and the boyfriends who no mother wants her daughter to be with, now she has settled down and is finally happy.

Especially now she is divorced and getting her life together.

We all hope everything goes well Jenelle and that all the haters find something better to do with their life.

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