Monday, January 12, 2015

UPDATED! I do or...?

Just days after announcing their engagement, Jenelle and Nathan get bombarded by fans questioning if they are in fact still engaged or not.

Jenelle and Nathan set off on a vacation this past week to St. Thomas where 4 other friends joined them. While they were there, Nathan took Jenelle and the others to a fancy restaurant where he ended up proposing to Jenelle in front of everyone INCLUDING MTV camera's.

Several rumors started to spiral after Jenelle shared her fancy engagement ring all over Twitter and Instagram.  Fans began to question how exactly Nathan was able to afford the ring or if MTV paid for Nathan to purchase the ring. The Ashley's Reality Roundup was able to confirm to us that MTV would not purchase a ring but they did in fact pay for the hotel room in which they would be staying in.

Photo credit to Pat & Candy Hennessy

On another note, drama hit the fan when some of Jenelle's friends who joined in on the trip began to discuss troublesome issues that were happening.

 Candy and Pat whom are long time friends/family of Jenelle and Nathan confessed that the trip was to be considered "worst trip ever". Apparently the two "LOVE BIRDS" were fighting the entire time. Candy mentioned that at times, it even became a little heated where both Jenelle and Nathan became physical with each other. Candy took to her instagram account where she put both Jenelle and Nathan on blast about the horrible trip.

 Fans questioned Jenelle late Sunday evening when she posted a picture to her instagram posing with Nathan BUT wasn't wearing her engagement ring.

  Jenelle ensured fans that they ARE still engaged but never addressed the heated arguments that happened during the trip.

 We wish the best for both Nathan and Jenelle. MTV got it ALL on camera which means we may see it on the upcoming TM2 season.


Jenelle gets into a heated argument with Nathans brother, telling him he wished he would have died during combat. Watch it here!!

And for the ones curious of what exactly led up to the fight, well,  I have a video just for that!

Source: Instagram, Twitter, The Ashley's reality roundup

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