Wednesday, March 19, 2014

16 & Pregnant Season 5

You all have heard about it, talked about and some of you may have even watched it but guess what people, It’s coming back!! That’s right, 16 and pregnant season 5 will be debuting this year (2014) with all new girls and all new babies. So far “The Ashley’s reality round-up” has announced 5 girls that will making an appearance this season and more to come.
     We have only learned of 5 girls so far for season 5 but we are almost positive their will be more to come, since every other season of 16 and pregnant has had 12 girls BUT lets not get to far ahead of ourselves. Why not introduce you to your new cast?
     First up is Karley (Deatherage) Shipley. Karley had twin girls Amayah and Amariah in November 2013. Karley is 17 years old and is from Utah where she met and married her husband Tony Shipley. Tony wasn’t very enthused on having twin girls at first but he finally came to the realization that nothing was going to change. Karley has put off her schooling for now but may consider going back in the future. Of course you are wondering how they are managing TWINS. Well both of them are/were working to provide for the babies. Kudos to them both.
     Maddy Godsey was our second CONFIRMED girl to be introduced. Maddy had a daughter, who she named Aubrey Lynn. Maddy is the 17 year old girl from Illinois. You may have seen the posts about how Tinley park, Illinois mayor wouldn’t allow Maddy to film in some areas of the town because he felt that ’16 and pregnant’ put a negative vibe on young children. Maddy is no longer with Aubrey’s father Cody and does not plan to get back with him anytime soon. Maddy has moved with her father in Indiana due to personal reasons but still visits in Illinois where her mother resides. Maddy currently takes classes online where she plans to graduate school like a normal teenager. As for Cody (Aubrey’s father), we do not have much information on him or his plans with helping Maddy with Aubrey. Guess we will have to see on Maddy’s episode.
     IRONICLY, we had two girls introduced for season 5 named Autumn and Summer. What a coquensidence right?
     Autumn Crittendon is a 17 year old girl from Virginia. Autumn gave birth to her son Drake in December 2013. Autumn and her lover Dustin are two down home country folks who enjoy hunting, four-wheeler riding and much more. According to a source, Dustin and Autumn are two matches made in heaven. Dustin has been there to take care of both Autumn and Drake. Since giving birth Autumn and Drake have both been in and out of the hospital due to personal health reasons. The turn to this story is that Autumn’s sister also has a baby. Almost like Briana Dejesus and her sister Brittany but Autumn’s sister decided to keep her child. Misty had her son in September, which makes their children 3 months apart. Wow talk about baby galore!
     Summer (James) Rews is also a 17 year old girl from Georgia. Summer gave birth to her son Peyton in October 2013. Summer married her husband D.J Rewis during her pregnancy. Summer is due to graduate high school in 2015, but took some time off from school because of her pregnancy. In a recent post from summer she stated. ”Four months ago today, God blessed me with the most amazing gift. My sweet Peyton. I never thought I could feel so much love for someone I’ve only known a short while. Mommy loved you from the day you were born. You’ve made me grow up a lot faster than I thought I would, but I don’t care. You saved mommy. You and daddy showed me what’s it’s like to love and be loved. I love you so much. Mommy will always be here for you, sweet boy. You’re growing so fast. Always remember I love you.” Sounds like a sweet girl to all of us here at GET REAL LOL.
     Last but not least our last CONFIRMED girl was Aleah Lebeouf, who is a 18 year old girl from Festus/St. Louis Missouri. Now this is where it gets a little confusing. Aleahs boyfriend Shawn has a son, Noah, who he had with another girl before Aleah. Since Noah was little, Aleah has cared for him as a mother therefore Aleah considers him her step son. No word has been said about Noah’s birth mom but according to a few sources she is a real doozy. Aleah and Shawn had a daughter together who they named Peyton as well. Like Mackenzie from Teen mom 3, Aleah has Diabetes and requires insulin. Before giving birth Aleah was in the hospital being monitored and was later induced 3 weeks early. In a post Aleah made on twitter she wrote “ Being teen parents of 2 is hard, but Noah has made it much easier by being an amazing big brother.. He will forever be my first baby,”. How adorable is that? Her episode sounds like it will be an interested one or maybe even emotional.
     Please keep in mind we have several other girls that will be announced in coming months before the show OFFICIALLY airs at the end of this year. How many more you ask? We have no idea. Keep following for more updates though.
     Season 5 official page can be viewed on facebook at:
     We want to hear from you! Do you think 16 and pregnant makes teens more vulnerable to have babies? Why or why not?

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