Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Are You the One?

If your perfect match was standing right in front of you, would you even know it? That is what all the cast of MTV’s new hit show ‘Are you the one’ is wondering for themselves Are you the one, broadcast their new show in January 2014. The show includes 20 couples who have no idea how to handle a real relationship and have 10 tries to find their perfect match. What do they get out of it? $1 Million to split. Sounds interesting right? Let’s introduce you to the cast of this seasons ‘Are you the one’

All 10 girls:
Jessica Perez, Jacy Rodriguez, Coleysia Chestnut, Kayla Lusby, Paige Brendel, Shanley Mcintee, Amber Lee, Ashleigh Feaster, Simone Kelly, Brittany Baldassari

All 10 guys:
Wesley Buckles, Ethan Diamond, Joey Dillon, Dillan Ostrom, Chris Tolleson, John Jacobs, Andrean “Dre” Mcco, Ryan Malaty, Chris Scali, Adamn Kuhn

In the first episode of ‘Are you the one’ which aired in January 2014. You seen all the couples pairing up trying to figure out who their perfect matches are. In the first episode you seen Chris T and Shanley hit it off great forcing the other couples to vote them into the truth booth to see if they were a perfect match.

After being in the truth booth, Chris and Shanley find out that they are not a perfect match. Shanley and Chris still couldn’t believe they were not a perfect match after everything they “had” in common and how they hit it off. In some extended scenes from episode one, Shanley admitted she wasn’t physically attracted to Christ T when she first came into the house but after talking they felt comfortable with each other. Shanley and Chris also admit to “hooking up” even after finding out they were not a perfect match just because they had a connection with one another. At the end of the day their were 2 perfect matches out of 10!

In Episode 2 of ‘Are you the one’, Simone seems a little jealous when John Jacob flirts with Jacy. Simone feels as if Jacy is doing it for attention and John Jacob feels like Simone is to jealous but he is still attracted to her. Chris T still can not seem to get over Shanley. After Ryan’s journal comes up missing the house puts blame on Dre and a ton of drama breaks out. Jessica feels as if Ethan could be her match but doesn’t want to let her guard down just yet. Chris S and Paige hit it off at first but are still a little confused about one another. After the house votes, Jessica and Ethan are heading to the truth booth to find out if they are a perfect match where they later learn they are in fact not a match. At the end of the day everyone headed to the Match up ceremony where their were 4 out of 10 perfect matches at the end of the day.

In Episode 3, Simone starts out talking to John Jacob about her feelings toward him and have a heart to heart conversation about what he wants in life. Brittany feels as if Adam is her perfect match but according to Adam he feels as if Brittany is taking everything further than what things really are. In the challenge, the guys have to figure out what quotes go to which lady to see how well they have been paying attention. The winner of the challenge was Chris S. & Kayla and Kayla chose who Dre will go on a date with and Kayla chose Paige. Paige was able to choose someone who goes on a date with John Jacob and she chose Simone. They were sent for a nice evening of tubing down a Hawaii river and a picnic while everyone else was sent back home to choose who would be sent to the truth booth later that night. Paige confronts Chris S. to find out why he didn’t pick her and Chris tells her he really doesn’t think they are perfect matches. Tensions spark when Simone confronts Jacy about her “love triangle” with John Jacob. After everyone at the house voted, they sent John and Simone to the truth booth where it was later revealed they were not a match. Lets all hope the drama between Jacy and Simone will now chill out over their want to be love triangle for John. Anyways lets not get to far ahead of ourselves. Paige finally confronts Chris S. about his games and they finally decide to be up front and honest with each other. Ryan and Brittany head to the “boom boom room” where they make “Magic” with one another. Later that evening everyone heads to the Match up ceremony where they had 2 perfect matches out of 10 which is the same number as the first episode of ‘Are you the one’ leaving them with 7 more tries for $1 million.

The show on gets more intense when episode 4, everyone begins to get aggravated because they are not progressing and finding a perfect match. Coleysia and Dillion start hitting it off. Dillion feels like him and Coleysia could possibly be a match. For the challenge, ‘Karma is a b****’ which is where they brought all the guys’ exes to spill all the dirt and spend the evening in the house as a challenge. The ladies had to get the inside scoop on the men from their exes point of view. The winners of the challenge was Jessica with 8 out of 10 correct, Brittany with 6 out of 10 correct and Jacy and Kayla with 5 out of 10 correct. The girls then were able to choose which boys they would go on a date with that evening and were up for going into the Truth booth later that night. Jessica chose Dillion, Jacy chose Wes, Kayla chose Ryan and Brittany chose Adam where they head out for cocktails and a nice train ride around town. All the exes were invited to the house to spend the evening with everyone so they can get to know them a little better. While out for cocktails, Adam tells Brittany he doesn’t feel like they are a match at all and that he needs his space. The house votes Dillion and Jessica into the truth booth where they were not a match. The house begins to think they have no idea if they will ever find their perfect match. Coleysia feels better that Dillion was not Jessica’s match and hopes to be his match. Adam tells Amber that he wants her to break it off with Ethan. At the match up ceremony where they had once again only 2 perfect matches.

In Episode 5, The house if finally starting to figure things out and get more perfect matches. For the challenge and date the couples pair up to “work together” climb down a waterfall to get a flag and the winners will get the date. The winners for the challenge were Shanley & Ethan, Dre and Ashleigh, John & Jacy and Dillion and Coleysia who take a stroll down the famous Jurassic park river. They will be sending two people to the truth booth and the house will decide when the couples who won the challenge are on their dates. Simone once again is after John Jacob about Jacy once again. Will this girl ever just stop? The house begins to react against the whole drama with Simone, Jacy and John. The house votes for Dre and Ashleigh to enter the truth booth which were not a match and Finally they vote in Coleysia and Dillion where they finally found a perfect match! Colesyia and Dillion will be leaving the house and only returning for the match up Ceremony. At the match up ceremony they had 5 perfect matches out of 10. They are half way to $1 million and 5 more shots for 10 for 10!

Wonder if they will end up with the $1 million? Guess we will have to keep watching and hope they get their perfect match soon.

MTV is already filming for the next season of ‘Are you the one’. Do you think this show reflects Jersey Shore?

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