Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Bachelorette Andi week 6

Wow... Did you happen to catch last night episode of The Bachelorette.. Andi had 8 guys trying to win her heart. She shook things up when she took  of them on a group date to take Lie detector test...Can you imagine going on a date and being ask to take a lie detector test? What will the results show..who will try to lie.. Andi also took a lie detector test, Guess what she was caught lying, she told 2 lies, but in the end they were only silly lies..maybe she was testing the lie detector test. Andi decided she didn't want to read the results of the guys lie detector test, a decision she will later regret.Will Andi ever find out who her secret admirer is?..Yes is it who you thought it was, Chris revels to Andi he had been sending her letter.  Cody starts pouring out his heart to Andi on their one on one date only to be crushed when he is sent home. Who is next to go home at the rose ceremony, will it be Brian, JJ,Dylan or Josh.. At then end of the evening JJ is sent home as well.. Leaving 6 guys standing heading off  to next week Brian, Nick, Dylan, Josh, Marcus, & Chris.

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