Tuesday, June 24, 2014

BB 16 Meet the House Guest

Are You Ready... For the 2 night Season Wednesday June 25th ...Stay Tuned

                      Meet the House Guest of Big Brother 16. They are ready to enter the house, and let the Fun & Drama begin..

            Meet: Caleb Reynolds, he is 26 yrs old. His hometown is Dallas Texas, he lives in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. He is single, and he is an Adventure Hunting Guide for a living.


                                               Meet :Nicole Franzel, she is from Ulby, Michigan. she is Single and a 21 yrs old nursing graduate.

 Meet: Paola Shea, She is 27 yrs old. She is Single, a DJ from Astoria, New York.

Meet: Amber Borzotra, she is 26 yrs old  her hometown: Knoxville, Tennessee she currently lives is North Hollywood, California. She is an Esthetician and she is also single.

  Meet: Brittany Martinez she is 29 yrs old. her hometown is   Long Beach, California she lives in Torrance, California. She is single and works as an Event Coordinator.


Meet: Christine Brecht, She is 23 yrs old,  she is married, works as a Shift Supervisor/Barista. She lives in Tucson, Arizona.
Meet: Cody Calafiore he is 23 yrs old. He is single, Works as a Sales Account Executive, his hometown is Hackensack, New Jersey, he currently lives in Howell, New Jersey.


Meet :Derrick Levasseur he is 30 yrs old. from Providence, Rhode Island. He is married and he works as a Sergeant on the Police force.

Meet :  Devin Shepherd he is 26 yrs old. His hometown is Santa Barbara, California he currently lives in San Antonio, Texas. He is single. He is a former Professional Baseball Player/ Motorcycle Sales Manager.

    Meet : Donny Thompson he is 42 yr old. He is single and works as a School Groundskeeper in Albermarie, North Carolina.

Meet: Frankie Grande he is 31 yrs old his hometown is Bocan Raton, Flordia. He currently lives in New York,New York. He is single and he works as a You Tube Personality.                             

Meet:  Hayden Voss, he is Single 21 yr old. His hometown is Marlborough, Massachusetts. He currently lives in Long Beach, California he works as a Pedicab Driver.                                

Meet: Jocasta Odom She is 33 yrs old. She is a Minster, happily Married. She lives in Lovejoy Georgia, her hometown is Griffin, Georgia.

Meet: Joey Van Pelt she is 27 yrs old. She is a single Makeup Artist/Hairstylist from Seattle Washington.

Who will win...Who will win the fist HOH...Who will form alliance's..Who will break..Stay Tuned..

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