Wednesday, June 25, 2014

BB 16 Season Premiere The Crazy 8 let the Games & Drama begin...3 months of BB....

          Here we go for the most twisted Summer ever on Big Brother...      First in the House are Cody, Donny, Amber & Joey...Donny hardly gets out of North Carolina he feels like he his on mars.. Next to enter the house is Devin, Paola, Frankie, & Nicole. Oh Wow, Frankie has a man crush, Him & Paola are both Crushing on Cody..Frankie refers to himself as a pink little pony & Joey as the Blue little pony.  Nicole shares that she pee's her pants when she gets excited..TMI.

 Paola claims that her nickname is PalPal, Cody thinks he may want to get to know PalPal.

Devin thinks Joey is smokin hot just his       type.

While Amber thinks Devin is eye candy..Oh Boy Showmance is about to happen.. but with who..Stay tuned..    

They call a house meeting, starting the Crazy 8 all of them claiming to have each other's back no matter what happens..Devin makes a side alliance with Donny. Amber thinks it's time for a Girl to win this year. Paola starts the rumor that Cody & Frankie are getting close and forming an alliance. Paola wants to start a girl Showmance this year. The girls all 4 decide to form a girl alliance Elcuatro, which is Paola, Amber, Nicole, & Joey.
  Frankie win's the 1st H.O.H

Will the alliances stay in place. So who will turn on who.  Who will have a Showmance.  How will the next new 8 house guest shake up the house.  Who will be the first to get evicted? Stay tuned.

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