Sunday, June 29, 2014

Who is up for eviction.....Big Brother 16

Donny, Pal Pal Victoria & Brittany are up for eviction.. Who will win the power of Veto..Victoria is upset because Frankie told her from the start he needed her..Lets see who wins the power of Veto...Pal Pal & Donny are fighting for each other.       

                                                                                        The guys make an alliance together.."The Bomb Squad".  Devin decided to wake Caleb up in the middle of the night to let him know he wants to bring on 2 girls to bring Christina & Amber in on the "Bomb Squad".  It went from 6 to 8, over night.  Devin tells the girls everything. The other guys are not happy with his decision.          Devin is concerned over Donny, the girls all think Donny is funny, he decides to talk to Frankie & Zach about Donny. Devin thinks Donny is strong & powerful. Devin is causing the other guys to think that he may need to go.
   How will be evicted. Stay tuned..

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