Monday, June 23, 2014

Jo and Vee Celebrate 3 years together

Jo and Vee

Despite the conversation on the special Teen Dad it looks like Jo and Vee are still going strong.

After seeing the special Teen Dad we saw Jo and Vee discussing the future and the conversation didn't exactly go well for the couple.

But it seems despite the talk of marriage and additional children being a rocky subject with this couple, they have celebrated their 3rd anniversary together.

It is nice to see that Jo has found a nice girl who has a idea of what she wants to do as a career, but she seems to complete Jo.

And lets not forget Issac who seemed to love being around Vee it is nice to see the Teen Dads finding someone who fits in with their life, and also their children's.

Lets hope that this couple does make it.

Do you think Vee will ever become Jo's wife? that is what a lot of people are thinking.

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