Thursday, July 10, 2014

BB16 Recap

Tonight on Big Brother, Since Devin was nominated as the only remaining HOH in the house he was making it his goal to get Brittany evicted out of the house this week. The house was a little upset with his decision because they felt that Devin was taking things a little to far.

Caleb decided to confront Devin on his attitude lately. Caleb said that he feels as if Devin is attacking the girls an he is not okay with that. Devin was angry at the fact Caleb (His BFF) would say something like that an calls off the Alliance they had.
  Later on, Caleb decided he would apologize to Devin for the way things went and that he doesn't want to mess up their Alliance therefore, the alliance is back up and going.

Last week, Donny was nominated for Team America. This week Frankie and Derrick have joined him. The three were to meet at the bench at 9pm the code words to use were "Apple-pie, Bald Eagle".
Donny, Frankie and Derrick will work together as a secret alliance throughout the house on different tasks each week.

Sadly tonight, things took a turn for the worst. While Caleb and Devin had their conversation about who should be evicted, Caleb informs Devin that some of the Alliance members want him out of the house.
 When Devin brings in the Alliance for a meeting, he brings up what Caleb had told him an asks if anyone wanted to come forward to tell him who wanted him out.

Zach decided to inform Devin that he had said some thing's about wanting Devin out of the house. Devin instantly lost all trust in Zach an told him that he didn't trust him anymore.

 The Big Brother Galaxy
For the Veto competition, Brittany, Derrick, Zach, Paola, Amber and Devin had to balance 10 planets in the big brother galaxy without them touching the ground. Devin was the first person to finish the competition and he won the power of veto which means he is safe this week.
 Since Devin won he now has a tough decision to make. Devin talks to Brittany about him wanting her out of the house. While they were talking Brittany told Devin she just wants a parent to win because they are not just at the house for themselves but for their children as well which made Devin change his views on Brittany fast.
 Devin decided he would be honest with Brittany about the scheme he played on her. When Devin told Brittany that Paola threw away the battle of the block for her safety that made Brittany upset with Paola.

At the power of veto meeting, Devin uses the power of veto on Brittany. Devin now has to nominate someone else up for eviction and he nominated Zach since he wanted Devin out of the house.

Who do you think will be evicted? Zach or Paola. Let us know in the comments below.


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