Thursday, July 10, 2014

Who was evicted from the Big Brother house tonight?

  Titled the most twisted season ever, Big Brother has made a record breaking hit on CBS this season.
 On tonight's episode, Zach and Paola were the two nominees to be evicted. Both Zach and Paola decide to call Devin out on the things he had promised and/or said.
 While Brittany confronts Paola on why she had said that she was her target in last nights Power of Veto, Paola decided to come forward an explain what happened.

 Devin told Paola to throw away the game (The Block Challenge), an promised her that she wouldn't be put out of the house this week. Zach decided to put his two cents in by adding the way Devin has been treating people.

 Zach told Devin that some of the "Alliance" is on his side an took it to far by dragging a few other housemates into the drama. Frankie confronts Zach an tells him he no longer trusts him because of the things Zach told Devin about people in the "Alliance" wanting him gone.

 While all of this drama is going on, Devin decided he wanted to kick Zach out of the Bomb Squad and replace his spot with another member of the house. Devin decided to bring Hayden in to replace Zach but Hayden seemed a little shocked.

 Devin calls for one last meeting as HOH to find out what his alliance thinks about the voting for tonight. While he has his mind on getting Zach voted out due to Zach telling him the truth about him telling others he wanted him gone, the other members think that its in the houses best interest to get Paola evicted. The house thinks that if Zach stays, he only has one target, Devin, as for Paola if she stayed she has multiple targets an no one knows what she is truly capable of. As the house prepares to vote for whom will be evicted, the nominees were given the chance to give a speech about why they should be kept in the house. By a 10-2 vote, Paola was evicted from the Big Brother house.

 It finally came time for 2 new Head of households. Everyone (Excluding Devin), participated in a challenge called "Underwater Polo". In this challenge, the house guests are to hit a ball (Kind of like Croquet) an make it in to a slot that has a number. Whoever makes a ball into the highest number will be this weeks HOH.

Nicole and Derrick were crowned this weeks HOH but only one will continue to be the HOH for the week Find out this Sunday 8/7c on CBS!


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