Thursday, July 24, 2014

Is 16 and pregnant Season 6 in the making?

Rumors have been circulating that MTV will have one final season of 16 and pregnant. As season 5 has just ended this past month, MTV has not spoke about their being a Teen Mom 4. According to an article, 16 and pregnant will likely be renewed for season 6 due to the ability to draw controversy.

Since the show first started, rates for Teen pregnancy has dropped. MTV feels as if the show discourages teens from getting pregnant.

More information was brought to us when a source was able to tell us that season 6 would be a little different this time around. Instead of having a casting call MTV will be looking for individuals who are expecting through parenting groups etc., like season 1 of 16 and pregnant.

Season 6 is likely to air next spring after the original Teen Moms come back for their debut.

More details coming soon!

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  1. Next year is MADE! If 16&P AND OGTM is really going to air! OMFG <3