Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Teen Mom 2 Is Back

The girls are back with more of their stories to tell us.

We saw last week that things have defiantly changed since we last saw the girls of Teen Mom 2.
We saw Jenelle and Nathan having problems getting a long despite Jenelle being pregnant and the couple were happy to begin with that they were making a family together. However we saw that Nathan told Jenelle to have an abortion as they weren't in a stable relationship. Nathan also got charged with his 3rd DUI and we also saw Jenelle possibly having more jail time whilst pregnant.

We find out this season that Jenelle is having a baby boy, Kaiser and that her jail time is dropped. However Nathan has to do his jail time as soon as possible. We also get to see Jace and his reaction to having a baby brother.
This week we see Jenelle and Nathan argue about alcohol.

We also Leah had finally found out what the condition that her daughter Ali has after waiting for so long an answer was given. We know that Ali went into preschool before her twin in order to help her be on the same track as all of the other children. It was a tough season for Leah as she had to order a wheelchair for Ali for her to use, as well as raising another child Adalynn. It wasn't just tough enough that she had a new baby in the house Leah was also dealing with relationship problems with her husband, as he worked out of town Leah wanted him to be around more for their family.

We also saw Leah having to try and make time for Gracie as we all saw that Ali needs a lot of time to help her development, so with Gracie acting out Leah needed to make time for her.
We see that Ali knows what condition she has and it really hits home to Corey but even though he is processing with the wheelchair he still wants Ali to walk without it, and even says that Ali wants to walk, and not use it.
This week we see that Corey's insurance doesn't cover the cost for Ali's wheelchair.

Kailyn had once again had issues with Jo and the custody of their son Issac heavily pregnant and married to Javi we saw that Kailyn had to juggle time with Issac. But we also saw her moving into a house with her husband in order for them to be a family. This caused some problems as if the judge didn't agree to her moving them we would of saw Kailyn with both of her sons away from their dads. We got to see the arrival of Lincoln last season and Issac becoming a big brother and walking his mom down the isle. This was a very happy and heart warming episode.

We see Issac not wanting to go to Jo's and that Kailyn and Javi have their problems within their marriage.
But we also see them come to terms and try to sort it out.
This week we see Kailyn invite Jo and Vee to Issac's birthday party.

Chelsea had her fair share to deal with as well. Adam had another baby and she didn't want Aubree to have a sister, and we know that she always wanted Aubree to have a family which was together, but she knew that it couldn't happen. So Chelsea had to find a way to cope with Adam's new baby. But on the plus side Chelsea graduated school and got herself a job doing what she loves to do, and the last we saw she was taking a test in order for her to be able to do more beauty work on clients.
But once again Adam had drama with crashing his car that had flipped and caught on fire the crash was so serious that it made the news.

Catching up we see Chelsea buying her own home so now her and Aubree can have a stable home and more money now instead of spending money on rent.
We also see the Chelsea's Licence is being held back due to helping out unpaid at an event and now she has to prove that she did not get paid for it.
This week we see Chelsea trying to get her licence.

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