Saturday, July 5, 2014

Matt McCann missed his court date but why?

Matt McCann was first seen on MTV's 16 and pregnant over 3 years ago. Over the years, he has struggled with addiction and drama with his Ex girlfriend Alex, who also happens to be the mother of his daughter Arabella.
What most people do not know is that Matt, has been clean for over a year and a half. Matt also makes an effort to see Arabella every chance he gets, but one little thing is making it even harder for him to see Arabella.

  On June 1, 2014, it was reported that Matt had missed his Court hearing. Matt had filed contempt with modification towards Alex, meaning he wants more visitation with Arabella. It was reported that not only did Matt miss his court date but the reason he missed was because he was vacationing in Tennessee with his girlfriend. Alex took to twitter about how Matt had missed his court date. Matt is now set to be back in court in just a few weeks in what Alex is referring to as a Child support case that Matt had filed for.
  The real truth behind all of this is that Matt was NOT on vacation. The truth is, back in December Matt and Lekota became alarmed because of things Matt's mother was telling them about Matt's nephews, So they contacted DHS and they have been in contact with them. A few weeks ago his sister was arrested for driving without a license and she was put on probation. Matt and Lekota were making plans to go down and get the boys but Matt's mom bailed his sister out. Last week, his sister was arrested again and this time the oldest child Petey was with her. DHS was going to get involved and take the boys if they didn't rush down there, So that's what Matt did. Matt's mom refused to bail his sister out and she plead not guilty so she has to sit in jail till September till she has another hearing. The boys have been seriously neglected by their mother and mentally abused by what they have witnessed and endured because of her. Matt's mom filed for emergency custody and they got it. Then Matt, Lekota and Matt's mother had a court hearing the other day and the boys were placed with the youngest boys paternal grandparents until August and then they will once again head down there for another hearing in hopes they will gain custody of the boys.  
 Fans of the show were once again outraged when they heard that Matt never showed up for his court date and began take to social media about it. Not only were fans outraged but so was Alex.
 Alex posted to twitter about how she couldn't stand Matt and how Arabella throws a fit every time she tries to talk to Matt. She also posted a few things about how she couldn't believe he missed his court date. Fans then posted to her Ask account about how he didn't show. Alex then told one fan that she agrees that it was a family Emergency he had to tend to and that she understood why he did it.
  Although Matt had a family Emergency in a different state, Matt has spoke with the master at the courthouse an they could have another hearing for the contempt charges and the child support as early as next week. Both cases were filed by Matt himself.


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