Saturday, July 5, 2014

Who was voted off of BB16?

 As the house prepares for the first eviction on this season, The house begins to scramble to find any safe point in the house an keep from being nominated. Sadly, this week Paola and Joey were nominated for eviction. As HOH, Caleb and his Alliance find out that Joey has made an "All girl" Alliance, which was a huge no no for Caleb.
 As the house prepares to vote, Joey decides to dress up as a male named "Alex", whom she created while on the show, to go around telling all the house mates that they shouldn't be afraid to vote for who they really want and that they shouldn't have to vote for the same person everyone else is voting for. Joey felt that she may be able to open some of their eyes in hopes she will be able to save her spot when it came time for the voting. Although her words may have been strong to some, Joey was evicted from the Big Brother house making her the first person to be voted off this season.
Watch the eviction here

  The house heads in for their weekly challenge to see who will be the next Head of Household. This weeks challenge, the house had to carry a keg barrel and balance themselves on a metal beam across to the other side without falling off. The girls were up first and the winner was Amber. Next up, the men were challenged to carry the kegs to the other side of the beam without dropping a keg barrel or falling. The first person to get all the keg barrels to the other side was Cody but after reviewing the camera's, it revealed his foot touched the ground before he pushed the buzzer which made Devin the runner up. Devin and Amber are now this weeks head of household. It doesn't stop there because only one will remain HOH by the end of the week. Wonder who is will be?
Every week, America can vote for who they want nominated as Team America. Their will be 2 remaining members who represent Team America by the end of the show. For each event Team America accomplishes, the people nominated can win up to $5,000. This weeks nominee was Donny, the groundkeeper from North Carolina.

4 house guests will be nominated to be on the block this Sunday 8/7c. Don't forget to watch Big Brother Sunday's and Wednesday's 8/7c and Thursday's 9/8c on CBS. Watch a preview for Sunday's episode here!




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