Sunday, January 11, 2015

16 and pregnant Season 6 CONFIRMED!

Back in July, we Exclusively wrote about the rumored chance of a 16 and pregnant season 6 in the making. A few months later we are finally able to confirm that their will in fact be a 16 and pregnant season 6!

 MTV posted a Casting call at the end of December. Several people began to rumor that this season would be a little different than most. How exactly? According to a few sources, MTV wants to switch it up a bit an make this season something we have never seen before.

 Instead of filming for a few months like they have done in every other season, it was rumored they would film for a 9 month period. Another rumor was that they wanted to make this season more like a Teen Mom. It was also said that MTV would be searching for girls who are in tough situations or teens that have different story lines than we have ever seen.

 We can now state that MTV will in fact go on with a season 6! Exclusively revealed that MTV programming boss Susanne Daniels had exclusively revealed to them that this season will be formatted like Teen Mom.

" We decided to try something new.  16 AND PREGNANT was stand alone episodes and we are going to use the TEEN MOM format for 16 AND PREGNANT this season.”
Daniels also revealed that only 4 new girls will be introduced in 2015 and filming will carry over week to week. MTV feels that with this new format they may receive more views. A premier date for season 6 could be revealed within the next 30 days!

Do you feel like this will be a good change for 16 and pregnant? Sound off in the comments!

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