Monday, June 30, 2014

Jenelle gives birth!

As Jenelle's due date came and went, many people were curious as to when in fact Jenelle would give birth.

Jenelle tweets, "Rumor has it I had Kai and he's in detox and I can't go home until he is ok? Lmfao wow, the shit u guys make up. If u only knew." Jenelle left many fans scrambling to figure out if she had the baby or if she was in labor.
 A fan asked Jenelle if she was being induced or if that was also a rumor. When Jenelle replied with "Def a rumor lol".
Jenelle informed us that she was at the beach this morning but later revealed they were not at the beach, she was in the hospital having Kaiser. About dag on time she pops that baby out!
Nathan shared this picture on twitter stating, "And you all thought we were at the beach".
Congratulations to Nathan, Jenelle and Jace.  
*We will provide more details soon*


  1. Congratulations don't let anyone judge u @ still the joy out of u...God is our only judge @ there not perfect....Enjoy life

  2. Steal not still sorry but congratulations again