Tuesday, July 1, 2014

"16 And Pregnant" Reunion

As we have been waiting for the reunion of the new season of 16 And Pregnant it seems it may get a little heated, especially between Arianna and  Maurice.

You may remember Arianna from her episode this season.

The girl with the brightly coloured hair who had her fair share of baby daddy drama this season. Especially when it came down to having help.
This girl had to deal with the cost of her son on her own for most of the episode that we saw. On the one or two occasions we see Maurice bring some clothes for their son, however that discussion didn't seem to end well.

But we did see Maurice step up by getting a job to provide for his son, however from this clip from MTV it doesn't seem that he has step up at all.


From this clip you can clearly see that a lot arguments have occurred and that Maurice isn't taking this seriously.

Personally Arianna is doing what she believes is the best thing for her son, and not engaging in a confrontation with Maurice is the best thing to do.
I hope that Maurice does takes things serious as we have seen with previous 16 And Pregnant Dads that they then end up causing more problems.
For example Adam has caused a lot of problems and it seemed that he wasn't interested in his daughter's life, and he still continues to make mistakes.

I hope for Aiden's sake Maurice takes it more seriously and proves that he is providing for his son, otherwise he may not see him.
How can he expect to get custody of his child if no effort is put in, and why should Aiden suffer, he may end up resenting Maurice for not putting the effort in.
I saw Maurice stop acting like a child and be a man, because your son deserves it.

I am also interested in the other girls from this Season and if any problems occurred a long the way.

Stay tuned tonight it airs at 10/9c Tuesday.

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